Purifying Order


Purifying Orders are like Adventurer’s Hosts: A guy with a title and some troops. POs area king-level titles spawned when the global modifier known as Call for Purity reaches certain thresholds. The higher the threshold, the stronger the PO

Call for Purity PO Army count
25 4k
50 8k
75 10k
100 18k
125 25k

The holder of the PO title, known as the Warrior, is at first a randomly generated courtier of the religionculture of the then current Head of the WA church. When that character dies, the courtier w. the highest martial assumes the title. There are a slew of random events that give traits and a little prestige to the Warriors. These traits include ‘Just’ ‘Proud’ ‘Peasant Leader’ ‘Zealous’ ‘Holy Warrior’ ‘Inspiring Leader’ and always ‘Pure’

Warriors also have the Purification CB on Depraved rulers. This targets a specific Duchy of the target. Upon victory, the duchy goes to a randomly generated character of the Warrior’s culturereligion w. traits Just and Pure. This decreases the gobal CfP by 10. Upon loss, the Depraved target gains hella prestige and piety, and Imprisons the Warrior. This increases the global CfP by 10.

Whenever a Warrior declares Purification War on a Depraved ruler, the head of WA receives a decision. They can grant their blessing to the Warrior at the cost of 100 prestige and -3 CfP, or the Depraved at the cost of 100 piety and +3 CfP, or neither at the cost of 50 piety 50 prestige. Whoever receives the Blessing receives an event that gives a choice of an event stack = (20% size of PO’s stack + the size of the head of WA’s levy), 600 gold, or a temporary +5 Martial +3 Diplomacy to them and all of their generals and 300 Prestige.


Purifying Order

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