West AFrican Ideas

“Cannibalism”- WA is the religion, the spirit, the beating cultural heart of the people. It is for the rural tribesmen, the simple desert merchant, the humble spirit doctor. This new faith is that of the cushy, sadistic upper class isolated in their castles and cities. They are cannibals, merely devouring others’ souls and labor for their own good. Every family has a cannibalism factor (like decadence). It represents their contempt for traditional practices that make up WA and their preference for others to do the rituals for them , in addition to a decadent, depraved lifestyle that affluence affords them.

“Cannibalism” -WA is all about tradition, spirituality, but not blood. Death is a part of life and sacrifice has always been a tiny portion of ritualls and rites. It is intended to be only now and then, and never more than a beast. A human would be sacreligious and absurd. However, this new generation of WAns, caught up in their power struggles and battles for influence, isolated in their wealthy cities and fortified castles, are far from the ways of the tribesmen and village magicians that laid the foundations for WA. They are going towards ever more bloody and extreme rituals to gain power and strength. They are getting nearer and nearer to the point of the no redemption. They are deemed cannibals

Each dynasty receives a Cannibalism factor after the Cannibalism event triggers. This event triggers shortly after both the person who reformed the religion and the first head of the WA church have died. For every 10 points of Cannibalism (it goes from 0-100, like Decadence) the characters get -1% levy size, +2.5% Morale and +1.5 Non-Pure (Pure is a trait TB discussed) Vassal Opinion.
The only way to increase Cannibalism is through Decisions, most of which are choices btwn +10 and -10 Cannibalism and/or slight bonuses either way, but the choices are skewed to lean characters to go Cannibal.

Whenever a dynasty hits 100 Cannbalism, The head has a choice to become Depraved. Depraved characters have the decision to sacrifice prisoners for prestige and piety, and the Depraved Bloodlust CB (Win=Imprison loser and all of their courtiers, plus gain a huge sum of money at the expense of causing long lasting negative effects upon loser’s territory; no territory is gained though) on all neighbors.
Depraved also begets +20% Morale +20% Siege +2 Martial and +10 Same Trait Opinion

Whenever a dyasty hits 10 or less Cannibalism, The head has a choice to become Pure. Pure characters have the decision to hold a Villagers’ Festival, wherein all Pure Vassals and dynasty members are invited. It costs money, but sparks an event chain that invariably grants piety and opinion boosts, but may also grant money, prestige, lowered revolt risk, techpoints and skilled loyal courtiers.
Pure also means +2 Diplomacy +1 Learning and +30 Same Trait Opinion

Becoming Depraved increases the Call for Purity factor by +1. This is a global modifier that affects and is affected by the actions of every character in the world. It goes from 0-125. At 25, 50, 75 and etc. will spawn a “Purifying Order”. Each Purifying order is a King-Level Title like a mercenary company. The Leader/titleholder of every order has a free Purification CB (targets a specific Duchy; win = give Duchy to a randomly spawned Person of victor’s Culture/Religion w. traits Pure and Just) on all Depraved rulers. Each PO has a bunch of troops like a Host, and each successive PO is stronger than its predecessors. POs declare war oppurtunistcally, when they think then can win.

West AFrican Ideas

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